Wunderreich is a Mincraft Fabric mod that brings some niceties and new mechanics to your game. Everything has been designed with configurability in mind. So you get to decide which features to use.


Share your items across long distances or dimensions with your friends. The Wunderkiste is like an ender chest with an inventory that is shared by all.

The Chest is also Redstone-Enabled. When a Wunderkiste is opened or it's inventory is changed, the state of every connected Wunderkiste will also adapt. To make this possible the Wunderkiste doubles as an interdimensional chunk loader.


Whispers are used to influence untrained Villagers. If you hold a Whisper in your hand while trading with a fresh Villager of any Profession, you will be able to re-roll it's first set of trades. No more destroying and rebuilding a villagers Workstation.

If you trade with Librarians, you should imprint your Whisper with the enchantment you desire. With an imprinted Whisper, Librarians have no choice and will always offer a trade with your choosen Enchantment once you re-roll their initial trades.


Ever wanted to build something using a randomized Block Palette? That's what the Trowel is for. Each Block that is placed by a Trowel, is selected from the placeable items in your Hot-Bar. The more Blocks of a type you have in the hot-bar, the more likley it will be choosen.

The iron-Trowel will random select a Block. The diamon-trowel chooses a block-type depending on the world position, generating more natural-looking patterns.

New Slabs

In our opinion, vanilla Minecraft is missing some Slabs. So Wunderreich is adding them. We introduce Slabs for Dirt, Grass, Sand, Gravel, Glas and Concrete. Grass will even start spreading to Dirt-Slabs and Sand-Slabs are affected by gravity.

Tagged Mobs

Do you toogle between hard and peacfull? Do you want some enemy mobs to stay around? (for example your Endermite in your Ender ender).
Wunderreich lets you keep name-tagged hostile mobs in peacefull. But be carefull, they are not tamed.


Using a Trowel with different Blocks/Items in the Hot-Bar.
Name-Tagging Monsters and switching to peacefull.
Some Slab Variants and the Behaviour of Sand and Dirt-Slabs.
Using the Wunderkiste in Singleplayer with shared Redstone for capacity and open/closed state.
Using (imprinted) Whispers on untrained Villagers.