Wunderkiste lets you share your items across long distances or dimensions with your friends. The Wunderkiste is like an ender chest with an inventory that is shared by all Wunderkisten in the same network.

Chunk Loading

Wunderkiste is also an inter-dimensional chunk-loader (you can disable this or change the chunk radius using Game Rules). By default, all chunks that contain a Wunderkiste are keept loaded. This allows you (for example) to automatically send items through your Wunderkiste to a sotrage system.

The radius determines the number of frames around a Wunderkiste that are keept loaded. A radius of 0 will disable the chunk-loading behaviour. A radius of one is just the Chunk where the Wunderkiste is placed. A radius of 2 is 3x3 Grid centered around the Wunderkiste.

Any Dimension with a force loaded Chunk will be keept alive (like an entity, the Wunderkiste will reset the empty-timer for the dimension it is placed in). This allows Wunderkisten to work cross-dimension. All chunks loaded by Wunderkiste across all dimensions will recieve block ticks. Otherwise they behave like spawn-chunks (as in no entity spawns and so on).


Redstone Behaviour

The Chest is Redstone-Enabled (see Game Rules for config options). When a Wunderkiste is opened or it's inventory is changed the state of every connected Wunderkiste will also adapt.


When one Wunderkiste is opened, every Wunderkiste in the same Network will emit a level 15 redstone signal in all directions.

Analog Output

The chest emits an analog redstone signal similar to hoppers. The strength of the signal depends on the number of items stored. You can read the signal using a Comperator. The Signal depends on the Network it is assigned to.

Colored/Named Networks

A Wunderkiste can be assigned to one of 16 colored Networks. Each Wunderkiste in a network shares the same inventory across all players and dimensions.

Players can change the color/network of a wunderkiste by using Dye on a built Wunderkiste (simply right-click it with Dye). Depending on your Configuration, the recoloring will conume the Dye. The Network is changed instantley when the Wunderkiste was closed. If it was opened while the color was changed, the network is assigned once it is closed.

(1.18.2 and up) You may also use an anvil to name a Wunderkiste. Each unique name will create a a new Network that is attached to all Wunderkisten with the same name (na matter what color that wunderkiste has).

Config and Game Rules

There are different configuration options for Wunderkiste. Some are global (for the entire Minecraft instance), somea are defined per world (for example as game rules).

Game Rules

  • /wunderkisteAllowNetworks [true|false]
    When enabled, allows use of different Wunderkisten-Networks.
  • /wunderkisteAllowNamedNetworks [true|false]
    When enabled, allows use of named Wunderkisten-Networks. You can select the name of the Network using an anvil. (only on 1.18.2 and up)
  • /wunderkisteShowColored [true|false]
    Shows the color of the Network currently assigned to the Wunderkiste.
  • /wunderkisteCanColor [true|false]
    Allow players to recolor Wunderkiste with Dye. Networks sill be used when disabled, but players won't be able to change the Network.
  • /wunderkisteChangeNetworkCost [0-∞]
    Cost of Dye when changing the Network of a Wunderkiste.
  • /wunderkisteRedstonePowerWhenOpened [true|false]
    Emit Redstone-Power when Wunderkiste is opened.
  • /wunderkisteAnalogRedstoneOutput [true|false]
    Emit analog Redstone Power.
  • /wunderkisteChunkLoaderRadius [0..5]
    The radius of chunks around the Wunderkiste that is keept loaded a at all times. (0=disable forced chunk loading, 1=default, only the chunk where the Wunderkiste was placed in is loaded)

Configuration (in Main.json)

  • display.multiTexturedWunderkiste
    When enabled (default), a colored Wunderkiste is rendered using a color texture. This has higher fidelity, but consumes more memory and increases the load time. When disabled, we use on texture, that is colored during rendering.