Whispers are used to influence untrained Villagers (Villagers that have a profession, but never traded before). If a Whsiper was Imprinted, it can force Librarians to trade certain enchanted Books.


If you hold an (Imprinted-)Whisper in your hand while trading with a fresh Villager of any Profession, you will be able to re-roll it's first set of trades in the Trading Menu. Simply click the villager as usual to open the Trading Menu. If you hold a Whisper, and the villager is a Novice without any trading experience the re-roll button will appear.

Clicking the re-roll button will consume durability from the Whisper and re-roll the villagers trades. The re-roll behaves the same as destroying and rebuilding the workstation.

Using a Game Rule you can unlock re-rolls without the need for a Whisperer.


Blank Whisperer


Imprinters are used to imprint an enchantment onto a blank Whisperer. When you use the Imprinter workstation, the above screen should open. If you have the required material, you can click an item from the left (hover over the Image of the Whisperer to see what enchantment it will imprint) to bring it to the build area on the right.

You can pick up the imprinted Whisperer from the right-most slot.

Config and Game Rules

There are different configuration options for Whisperers and Imprinters. Some are global (for the entire Minecraft instance), somea are defined per world (for example as game rules).

Game Rules

  • /wunderreichAllowTradesCycling [true|false]
    Enable Trade-Cycling. If disabled, you basically disable the Whisperer mechanic.
  • /wunderreichCyclingNeedsWhisperer [true|false]
    Villagers will only cycle trades when player holds a Whisperer. When disabled, you can re-roll trades of unexperienced Novice Villagers without any Whisperer.
  • /wunderreichAllowLibrarianSelection [true|false]
    Librarians hear imprinted Whispers and present matching trades when cycled. When disabled, imprinted Whisperers behave like blank Whisperers and have no special effect on Librarians.
  • /whispersDurability [number]
    The base Durability of a blank Whisperer.
  • /whispersTrainedDurability [number]
    The base Durability of an imprinted Whisperer.
  • Imprinting a Whisperer generates a small amount of XP for the Player. The static base XP depends on the rarity of the imprinted Enchantment and is then multiplied with a random (percentage-)value in a user definable range.
    • /whispersMinXPMultiplier [number]: Minimum percentage of base XP that will get dropped.
    • /whispersMaxXPMultiplier [number]: Maximum percentage of base XP that will get dropped.

Configuration (in Main.json)

  • features.enableWhispers
    Will add (Imprinted-)Whisperers as Items to the game. When disabled, no Whisperer-Items will be available in your worlds.

    Dependant Settings (only available when true):

    • features.addBlankWhisperer
      Generate blank Whisperers.
    • features.addImprintedWhispers
      Generate imprinted Whisperers based on all enchanted Books that can be traded with Villagers.